Care and a Caring Home

Is Your Loved One Ready For A Skilled Nursing Facility?

Skilled nursing is a type of nursing facility that offers more hands-on and full-time care than a traditional assisted living facility does. A skilled nursing facility may offer medication dispersing, physical therapy, lifting aid, bathing, other hygiene tasks, and care for individuals who are more limited in their mobility than other patients may be. Not all people require the extensive care a skilled nursing home offers, but this solution to health care is necessary for those who do.

Deciding if your loved one needs to go into a skilled nursing facility is something you should discuss with a nursing home advisor, your loved one's doctor, and your loved one. If you have concerns about your loved one's overall health and well-being, use this guide to help you determine if this is the best solution for someone who is unable to live on their own anymore.

Your loved one has a serious medical or mental health condition

If your loved one has a serious medical or mental health condition that causes them to need practically round-the-clock care, then it's best to consider a skilled nursing home for their daily needs. Issues with mental illness or memory loss, medical conditions like multiple sclerosis or diabetes, and other conditions can cause your loved one to become very ill or even dangerously injured if they are left on their own, so skilled nursing is a great solution to consider.

Your loved one has a home that does not meet their needs

You've considered home health care for your loved one, but their home is not equipped in a way that allows your loved one to get around easily. Whether the house has stairs or is not wheelchair-accessible or you just want your loved one to be in a facility where they have access to a handicapped restroom, sometimes skilled nursing facilities are the best solution even if home health is an option.

Your loved one is lonely and you don't have time for them

In addition to having physical needs, your loved one may also need company and may be very lonely. If your loved one has a need to be around people and you don't have time to care for both their physical and emotional needs, consider a skilled nursing facility for them. At a skilled nursing home, your loved one will be able to be around others who are like them and have many nurses and aides by their bedside to keep them constant or near-constant company. Discuss skilled nursing and other living situations with your loved one and a medical professional.