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Things to Look for When Choosing an Alzheimer's Memory Care Facility

The decision to consider Alzheimer's memory care for a loved one is one of the most difficult decisions you're likely to face. For many families, it is a decision you most likely have only reached after a few near misses, not to mention exhausting all other options, including bringing your loved one to live with other family members. The truth of the matter is that Alzheimer's is much more than a simple memory impairment. It is a progressive illness that is complex, difficult to manage, and devastating for family and friends –and particularly so for the person living with it. Once you've made the decision to seek out Alzheimer's memory care for your loved one, you need to make sure you find the right community for your loved one to receive treatment.

Safety and Security

Wandering is a common problem for those who are living with dementia and similar conditions. When choosing an Alzheimer's memory care center, make sure you choose one that offers acceptable safety features to grant you peace of mind. Keep in mind that some Alzheimer's patients are exceptional escape artists, so no plan is fool-proof. However, there are some that employ GPS tracking, bed alarms, and other features so that response is quick and escapes are thwarted early.

Qualified Staff

It is important to choose an Alzheimer's memory care facility that has staff who are specifically trained to manage the needs of memory care patients. It is even better for your loved one if you have a facility in your area that utilizes specialized therapies such as art and music therapies for memory care, as these have shown great success in reducing aggression, minimizing episodes, and even decreasing the rate of decline in some patients.

Consistent Schedules

Oddly enough, one of the most important things to help Alzheimer's memory care patients thrive and exceed expectations is a consistent daily routine. Many Alzheimer's memory care facilities promise consistency in the schedule, but not all deliver on this promise. It might be best to ask how they deliver on consistency for memory care patients. Things like low patient-to-staff ratios, for instance, are essential for keeping patients on a consistent schedule for things like morning routines, meals, medicine, exercise, music or art therapy, time outdoors, and other activities.

Finally, you want to make sure that an Alzheimer's memory care facility offers daily exercises and activities designed to help improve memory. The entire purpose of using these types of facilities is to help your loved one enjoy greater quality of life. More often than not, that involves slowing the progression of their Alzheimer's-related memory loss.