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2 Reasons Seniors Need A Senior Real Estate Specialist

Selling a home and deciding where to move next is never easy, but for older adults, it can be even more stressful. Working with a senior real estate agent who specializes in the unique needs of seniors can help make the entire process easier. Here are two benefits of choosing a senior real estate agent.

1. Senior Real Estate Agents Have Completed Additional Training

In order to receive the special designation of "senior real estate agent," the agent must complete a series of courses that address the unique needs and challenges of clients over the age of fifty.

Rather than just trying to sell their client's house or sell them a new one, a senior real estate agent works to assist clients in figuring out what their options are for the stage of life they are in. The also network with paraprofessionals who can further help.

For example, if you and your spouse are a newly retired couple, you may know you want to sell your home as it is just too big for you. But where do you want to go next? Do you want to retire to a warmer climate? If so, where? Is a condominium on a golf course a good choice? Perhaps you have health issues and choosing a retirement village with assisted living options is best.

Whether you need housing information for a specific community, you need an overview of retirement community amenities, or you want to explore the differences between assisted living facilities and home health care options, a senior real estate agent can present a myriad of options and help you choose the best one for you.

2. Senior Real Estate Agents Can Help You Financially

Part of the additional courses agents must take to get their designation may include financial training. Every real estate transaction involves the transfer of money, of course, but when you are an older adult, understanding your options can be even more confusing.

Should you take out a new mortgage at your age? What about cashing in an IRA or using other funds earmarked for retirement? How will you pay for potential future needs, such as a nursing home? Would your social security or other government or retirement benefits be affected if you sold your current home? For example, would selling your home for a profit adversely affect your Medicare benefits or Medicaid eligibility? These are difficult questions, and a senior real estate agent can help you find the answers.

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