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If Your Parent Has One Of These Problems, They Need Elder Care

Elder care is increasing in popularity. As the baby boomer generation grows older, their children and grandchildren are finding it increasingly difficult to live their own lives while also caring for their ailing parents or grandparents. If the elder in your life is going through one of these problems, you should consider elder care to help them.


Falls are hard on anyone, but they're extremely difficult for elders to get through. There's a major risk of striking one's head or suffering a fracture from a fall when one gets to an older age. And unfortunately, if your loved one has already experienced one fall, it's likely to happen again. Senior citizens who go through at least one fall are at a higher risk of experiencing future falls. So whether you want to protect them from having a fall in the first place or don't want it to happen again, hiring someone to come and care for them in their home can help.

Severe Arthritis

Arthritis can be absolutely crippling when it reaches severe levels. Arthritis can warp the hands and feet, making it very painful and difficult to accomplish the most simple tasks, like opening jars or turning door knobs. For this reason, it can become quite difficult for your loved one to get through their day without help.

By hiring someone to come and care for your loved one, they can help with these problems. While they can't make their arthritis go away, they can handle things like preparing meals, helping with showers or bathing, and even opening and loosening things that your loved one would otherwise be unable to access on their own.

Memory Problems

Having memory problems — even if it's not a debilitating disease like Alzheimer's — is another good reason to hire someone to help. People who have memory problems often make mistakes with things like their finances and forget to do daily steps like taking their medication as they should. Skipping medicine can make your loved one's overall symptoms and health conditions worse, and then comes the risk that they might take double their normal pills having forgotten that they've already taken them for the day.

If you hire someone to care for your loved one, the hired individual can administer medications and ensure that they're taken properly.

There's nothing wrong with getting some extra help looking after your elderly loved one. Consider hiring someone to perform in-home elder care.