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All About Senior Living Advisors

A senior living advisor is a consultant who helps a senior or their loved ones make plans for new living arrangements.They can help a senior find a senior living community that fits the individual's needs and preferences. If you find yourself needing a change to your accommodations or lifestyle as you grow older, a senior living advisor can help. 

What can a senior living advisor offer you? 

Guidance: A senior living advisor is primarily there to help guide you on the journey to find the right arrangements for a new time of life. They have access to the latest information, and their goal is to make the transition to a new home as smooth and comfortable for you as possible. They have experience working with seniors, assessing and meeting their needs, and addressing their concerns as well as the concerns of their family. 

Know Your Options: A senior living advisor is all about showing you options. They want you to feel like you have choices, and they generally try their best to make every option available to you. They take into account your health needs, social desires, hobbies, life experience, pets, and budget to give you a good idea of what a new home or living situation would look like for you. If your needs could be met by downsizing or by hiring help instead of moving into a senior community, they will explore these options with you. If you have greater needs, they will recommend a home or community that has the options you need. 

Introductions to Facilities or Communities:  A senior living advisor knows all the best facilities and communities that are able to meet your needs and can set up tours or interviews for you. Sometimes a senior living advisor will even accompany you as you take a tour to point out important features of a potential home, discuss your impressions, and answer your questions. They work with you until you find a community that feels like a new home. 

How can you find a senior living advisor? 

There are many ways to get in touch with a good senior living advisor. Most senior living advisors are listed online, and a simple internet search will lead you to them in no time. You can also contact a senior living community, and they should be able to direct you to an advisor. Contact senior living advisors in your area to learn more.