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Memory Care: Is It Time To Make This Transition?

When you have a loved one in need of advanced care, it's not always easy to see just how much more care they need. Memory care is a type of care devoted to people who have advanced needs and require more close supervision and assistance than others. Some nursing homes offer memory care as part of their special services, while other facilities are devoted entirely to the type of care someone with dementia or another type of memory needs.

It's hard to know when it's time to transition from regular nursing home care for your loved one to more advanced care, but with the assistance of your loved one's health advisor, their doctor, and this guide, you can be more confident in knowing when to step in. Is it time to make this transition? Use this guide to assist you.

Your loved one is getting violent

Unfortunately, one of the main reasons why people with dementia end up in nursing homes is violence against their caregivers. More than 20% of dementia patients show aggression to their caregivers to some degree, causing disruption in the home and a potential danger to the families or the nursing staff taking care of a dementia person. If your loved one is violent or becoming increasingly violent, it may be time to consider putting them into a memory care facility. The staff in this type of facility may be better able to treat your loved one effectively.

Your loved one is getting agitated

Dementia affects each person differently. Some people become so agitated or frightened by their increasingly unfamiliar lives that they are unable to be on their own for any amount of time. If your loved one is already in a nursing home, they may need to be moved to a care facility where they can get the one-on-one treatment they deserve and need.

Agitation in your loved one can be expressed in a variety of ways: fear towards familiar or unfamiliar faces and situations, stubborn refusal to eat or partake in self-care or other routine activities, or active defiance in their actions, whether they mean to be defiant or not. With time, the dementia will likely continue to worsen, so it's best to get your loved one into a care facility that can work with their condition as it progresses and give your loved one the attention and therapies they need to thrive. Dementia is a memory loss disease that affects everyone; get your loved one the memory care they need.

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