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How To Help A Loved One Get Used To A Senior Living Center

No matter how nice a senior living center is, it's still a change for a person who is used to living alone and independently. However, you can help your loved one move into a senior living facility with greater ease so they can transition well and learn to love their new surroundings.

Here are some tips that you can use to help your loved one get used to a senior living center, regardless of why they are making this transition. If your loved one is showing signs of depression or is having suicidal thoughts or showing unusual aggression or other unusual behaviors, then call their doctor right away for an exam and close care.

Choose a Facility Where They Get the Most Independence

If you can, choose an assisted living facility or senior living center that will allow your loved one to have their own room, live with their pets, or even have a microwave or other needed appliance in their private space. The more you can make your loved one's new home look and feel like their last one, the better off they may be in their new situation.

The more you involve your loved one in the choosing of where they live, the more successful their transition can be as a result. Keep this in mind as you select places to look at if your loved one is still capable of being part of the decision-making for their new home. They may like a facility you have overlooked, which can work out in helping them transition into their new senior living community comfortably.

Choose a Time to Visit and Stick With It

Your loved one will be most likely to thrive in their new environment if the people they love can support them by visiting or video chatting with them often. Do your part and choose a time and day you can visit frequently and stick to it. Your loved one will appreciate the routine and something to look forward to as they learn to love their new environment.

Choose a Facility That Meets Their Needs

Luckily, there are several types of senior living places that your loved one can thrive in and still feel independent, so long as you choose a facility that meets their needs. For example, if your loved one just needs to downsize their home and responsibilities, then a senior living community can suffice. If your loved one needs more regular care, then assisted living is the better choice. 

For more information, visit a senior living center in your area.