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How Dementia Care Can Promote More Independence

Dementia can affect people differently. For some, it only causes mild cognitive deficits, but others may experience profound confusion, memory loss, behavior problems, and the inability to care for themselves. If your aging family member has Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, consider the following ways a dementia care facility or dementia unit in a nurs

Want To Gain More Independence During Your Retirement Years? 3 Ways Assisted Living Facilities Can Help

Independence is one of the major things that children look forward to as they grow up. After gaining this independence, you will want to hold on to it even as you grow older. That's why many seniors are not open to joining assisted living facilities. However, these seniors don't realize that these facilities don't take away their freedom but give them more independenc

The Benefits Of Hiring Experienced Local Senior Home Care Services

When an aging loved one comes to live with you, you may want to do everything possible to keep them at home with you. However, you also may need to keep your full-time job and take care of obligations that take you away from home for extended periods of time. Even more, your elderly relative may not be able to stay safely in your house alone. Instead of risking this p

How To Help A Loved One Get Used To A Senior Living Center

No matter how nice a senior living center is, it's still a change for a person who is used to living alone and independently. However, you can help your loved one move into a senior living facility with greater ease so they can transition well and learn to love their new surroundings. Here are some tips that you can use to help your loved one get used to a senior livi

Memory Care Support In Assisted Living Facilities

People who have cognitive deficits from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia may benefit from residing in assisted living facilities that provide memory care support. These facilities provide around-the-clock care for aging adults with dementia by providing a safe and engaging environment that focuses on enhancing the quality of life, promoting memory functi